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Coffe Guard is a product of Office Beat Oy.

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Is the coffee fresh?

Coffee Guard

and you always know…

Is the coffee fresh?

You heard this question, right?

This question is asked millions of times around the world every day. Coffee Guard is a Finnish innovation manufactured i Finland, that will give the answer to this question. Coffee Guard is an easy-to-use accessory that can be placed on any coffee machine or to a desired spot. If the desired spot is not metal, please use the metal piece that comes along with the device, and Coffee Guard will magnetically fasten to it.

Coffee Guard tells you by "traffic lights" whether the coffee is wonderfully fresh, just okay or would it be wise to pour out…. Maybe next time you would like to brew just the right amount of coffee to drink it while the coffee is at it’s best.

Can a better combination be found, than the aroma and taste of fresh coffee!

"Now you can see the freshness"

Coffee Guard


1.    Remove the battery seal and the device is ready to use
2.    Coffee Guard fastens with a magnet, so you can fasten it to any metal, or use the metal piece that comes along with the device. The glue on the metal piece withstands up to +260 degrees Celsius.
3.    One quick press on the on/off button to start the device, one longer to turn it off. 
4.    Press on when you start brewing the coffee.
5.    Coffee Guard starts counting time and let you know by “traffic lights” how fresh the coffee is. Green = the coffee is wonderfully fresh! Yellow = It's ok. Red = maybe it would be wiser to pour it out….
6.    If the device is not turned off in 30 minutes after the traffic light has turned red, the device will switch off automatically.